Time to be grateful, time to care,

Time to say grace, before luring the kids

into your lair

You give them chocolate, pecan, and even coconut pies

But then down comes the largest of lies

You call it dessert, a mash of puree

Spices and such, tufts of whipped cream,

So thick it will float like a cloud of dreams

Where plonked down in precious crowns

On top of the orange, in hopes of smiles and not frowns

But the silence covers the truth

They all know,

It’s not candy

or fruit.

But why stop with pumpkin, why not go all out?

Broccoli blend topped with sugar, or maybe mushed brussel sprouts

Drizzled with chocolate, a bit of a sugary glaze

Top it with cinnamon, everyone will graze

Sweet Veggie pie, sweet veggie pie, they will amaze

How about in a sweet puff pastry or a gramah cracker crust?

Maybe the vegetarians bellies will brim with lust

Oh that’s too weird, everyone will say

Instead, make pie from …




It’s perfect for the day

Where people say their thanks and all

And the next day people push each other down

at the shopping mall.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Are you a fan of pumpkin pie? Do you love it? Hate? Want it year round? Or can’t wait to toss it in the trash? Express your opinions in the comments.