I haven’t been super active on my blog. It’s a shame really because I would love to be posting two or three times a week.

So why don’t I?

Because I’m an idiot when it comes to using WordPress.  I’ve read claims it’s simple, a drag and drop sort of builder.  Yet, somehow it never quite works out for me and my blog posts end up looking like they should be on a Geocities page.  For those of you who are full of youth and vigor, and do not know what Geocities was, it was a free site that would host your own personal website. You used their format.  It was clunky with awkward graphics.  It was so awful, it was awesome.

Why can’t doing a blog post be like setting up a Shutterfly photobook?

I think I’m aging myself here.

In any case, complications or not, I plan to post on a more regular basis.  Interesting, snazzy stuff.

About squirrels

Or stories about alien octopus

Or something about my perpetual love of lettuce.

Or….whatever I feel like.

If anyone has suggestions on how to make visually interesting posts with the least amount of work, let me know in the comments and please don’t say use AI.  No, just no to that.

For the bored, or maybe just the curious, check out what Geocities websites looked like.  Of course, this is not representative of ALL of them, but you get the vibe.