Jumbo Ashi enjoys coffee at the Hive Coffee Shop in Austin, TX

get ready for
the whiskers abroad launch

To spread the word on the upcoming Whiskers Abroad launch, my sister and I hit the road and went to Austin, TX for some grass-roots publicity.  Jumbo Ashi made the rounds for fans to take selfies with him, and the following weekend made an appearance at Comicpalooza. 

*****************************************************************************************************  I recently was a guest on Ran Elfassy’s podcast Shooting-It-Raw.  It was my first time to be on a podcast, and am eager to admit,  I had a fabulous time doing it. By the way, Raw here refers to a digital photo, taken with a camera, that is unedited and uncompressed.   Photographs are a theme with this podcast. Check it out to learn more about me, and the book.  Shooting-It-Raw


Whiskers Abroad: Ashi and Audrey’s Adventure in Japan launches October 6, 2022.  The ebook  is on sale right for 99 cents. Purchase on during the pre-sale.  Click here to reserve your copy.

“Carrie has created an entire new category: globetrotting cat diaries blended with travel guide. A must-read for lovers of cats and travel.”  -Ashi cat

“Whiskers Abroad is simply a delight, offering respite and inspections that bring readers into Japan from different perspectives, capturing a writer’s journey through new foods, a different culture, and a cat’s eyes. It’s very highly recommended for its ability to reach beyond the usual travelogue audiences to immerse all ages in its fun adventure.”  – Donovan’s Literary Services for Midwest Book Review. Read the full review.

“This was a fun, unique, and engaging story from the start. The author immediately distinguishes her story with the book’s unique format, with double pages that splash the almost diary-like passages of the main character’s inner dialogue and experiences. The serenity, beauty, and tourism that the nation of Japan has to offer are perfectly paired with the culture and imagery that the book brings to life on the page.” – Author Anthony Avina

Learn more about Whiskers Abroad here.

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