Whiskers Abroad:
Ashi and AUdrey's Adventures in Japan

Whiskers Abroad  is an entertaining tale of a cat and his owner jaunting through Japan, making faux-paus along the way as well as learning about a culture, and making new friends. Ashi isn’t shy about telling everyone about his feelings. He vents his frustration and embraces joys in his diary entries contrary to Audrey’s version of events.  

Carrie Carter has created an entire new category: globetrotting cat diaries blended with travel guide. A must-read for lovers of cats and travel.

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“Whiskers Abroad: Ashi and Audrey’s Adventures in Japan is travel fiction at its best. It’s a delightfully whimsical novelette that focuses on Audrey and her cat Ashi, who journey together after Audrey wins the chance to write about a trip to Japan.”

“The result is a capricious, delightful, revealing, educational, exceptional armchair read that deserves a place in any library interested in kitties and journeys in general or Japanese culture in particular.”

– D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer at Donovan’s Literary Services.  Full review will be available on the Midwest Book Review and Donovan’s Literary Services websites in July.  Check it out!

“Heartfelt, imaginative, and entertaining, author Carrie Carter’s Whisker’s Abroad: Ashi and Audrey’s Adventures in Japan is a must-read travel and adventure fiction novel. The humor, the knowledge, and the imagery used to bring this story to life were both engaging and heartfelt in their delivery.” – Author Anthony Avina’s Blog. Read the full reviewe here –

“I would recommend this book. It’s fun, colorful, and informational. I’m looking forward to the future adventures of Audrey & Ashi! ” –
Author J.M. Northrup. Watch the full video review.

“It’s undeniably well-written. Who might enjoy this the most? All the adventurers, travelers. This is a very good book; a fascinating story that I will not spoil.” –  complete review on