I adore making New Year’s Resolutions. The new year starts, full of hope and promises that changes can be made, and triggers inspiration. My list starts with a few and then grows to many, some of them merely to do items but I prefer to call them resolutions, all 31 of them.

The year started off a bit gloomy as an illness had left me dozing on the sofa and unable to think for 21 days. The virus has cleared my system, and my functioning brain has switched back on, and I’m ready to get started.

Except I’m kind of weak so the exercise one will have to wait until later.

And now I’m super hungry, so maybe I should hold off on the Mcdougal style diet.

I don’t feel like going anywhere so the visit to new restaurants will be put on hold.

Hmmmm, maybe it’s not time to tackle NYR.

February anyone? Sounds like an excuse…

Mostly this post isn’t meant to be exciting, but to try some new things I’ve learned about WordPress. And following the youtube video I watched didn’t solve the issues I was having. Comments on blog post tips appreciated!

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