Choose Your Cat Models Wisely

So you want to do a project, maybe a children’s book, a novel, or an advertising campaign, involving a cat. There will definitely be photos of the critter. You need a feline model.

Sure, you could use your pet black cat Zoey that looks like every slightly over-weight black cat, or you can select your other fur-child, who has purple eyes and a white and orange patch of fur on his forehead in the shape of a cupcake.

Definitely Mr. Purple Eyes, you think. He’s an interesting looking cat that will become an internet sensation. He’s so adorable that your heart aches in your chest when you see him.  Others will feel the same.

So how long term do you think your project will be? Is it a brief spark in the darkness, only to fade a month later? Or do you see this being a long-term project, something, hopefully, you will dedicate years to creating, refining, and releasing new projects about on a regular basis?

If it’s long term, the cat that looks like no other cat in the world might be a hindrance. 

While animal-lovers dote on their pets, we know that their time on earth is finite and precious. They do not live forever. They pass away, and we are left with our grief and a missing spot in our lives.

The harsh reality then becomes, your abnormal cat model is gone, and you can’t easily replace him with a look-alike.  Under no circumstances am I devaluing Mr. Purple Eyes life, but in terms of marketing, now your project comes to a halt, or you must make due with old photos. Now you have to resort to pulling out  photos that you took in bad lighting with a crappy camera.

If you had selected the black cat, another black kitty could step in as model #2. 

With acknowledging the realities of life, choose your cat models wisely.

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